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MCADSV educates service providers how to provide quality, trauma-informed domestic violence and sexual assault services.

2021 MCADSV Trainings

MCADSV Trainings are open to employees, volunteers and board members of MCADSV member programs, MCADSV professional members, and non-members. Training is free as a benefit of membership of MCADSV and costs $45 per day for non-members. Annual training passes are also available.

MCADSV will also continue to offer training topics and national speakers that would be of interest to our members. In addition to Leadership courses offered for all levels of management, Directors' Academy will return in 2021! 

Please check Coalition Manager for more information about events as they are scheduled. MCADSV also will make formal announcements by email and at regional meetings. Click on the link below for the confirmed dates for training in 2021. To find out more information about a specific training, click on its title. Training will take place via Zoom unless otherwise noted.


2021 MCADSV Statewide Trainings


2021 MCADSV Regional Meetings

Regional meetings are a benefit of MCADSV membership. They last about three hours and include a training component, reports on MCADSV activities from Coalition staff, and program updates from peers in your region. Members are welcome to attend any MCADSV regional meeting. 


Directors' Academy

The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV) Directors’ Academy returned in 2020. Academy focuses on the skills development and community-building of executive-level directors so you can thrive in your position of leadership. By attending the Academy, you have the opportunity to engage with your peers, develop skills and gain the tools you need to move your organization forward and succeed in your job.

We know there is value in ongoing learning and having a community of peers. Directors’ Academy offers both. Here are some highlights:

  • Academy is an investment in yourself and your own professional development. We ask that you commit to attend the entire Academy.
  • Academy is a two-year program focused on executive directors who have been in their position five years or less.
  • Academy now includes eight courses, four each year. Courses are specifically selected and designed to enhance your skills to meet the demands of the primary aspects of the work you do as a director: coalition-building, personnel, finance, public policy, fund development, outreach to your community, quality assurance and coaching a team.
  • Each course includes three elements: a required in-person session, a voluntary extension day and a supplemental online module to be completed on alternate months.
    • Course Extension Days are a new addition to the Academy. Come for the first day of in-person training, then attend a second day focused on specific situations and questions you might have regarding the course topic, personnel. Return to the classroom and spend as much time as you need with course instructors, additional MCADSV staff and other attendees to discuss specific problems you face, and use the power of a group to help find solutions, develop strategies, and gain insight and support. Attendance is voluntary.
    • Modules include online reading assignments and/or exercises that are designed to complement the in-person training topic. This content has been specifically chosen or created to build upon the in-person training. There is a brief quiz to complete at the end of the module. Completion of the quiz is required for Academy completion.  
  • Join at any time. Academy has a rolling enrollment and completion. Completed all eight courses, and you are done.
  • Academy attendees receive priority status when scheduling one-on-one consultations with MCADSV staff. You have access to the knowledge of people who hold expertise in admin, best practices for service provision, and court advocacy, to name a few. You can come in person, we can come to you or we can meet as needed by Zoom video-conferencing.

We know this is a commitment. What we also know is that previous attendees stayed in their positions longer and felt more confident when they committed to and completed as many sessions as possible. The peer support and community they found continue today, and many remain a resource to each other. If you need more convincing, give us a call at 888-666-1911. Or we can give you the contact information of a prior attendee, and they can tell you how much they valued being a part of MCADSV’s Directors’ Academy. 

Course 1:Coalition-Building - March 26-27, 2020
Course 2: Personnel - May 28-29, 2020
Course 3: Improving Your Agency's Financial Health - July 30-31, 2020
Course 4: Public Policy - November 5-6, 2020
Course 5: Strategic Fundraising - February 11-12, 2021
Course 6: More Than Words - May 13-14, 2021
Course 7: Quality Assurance - August 12-13, 2021
Course 8: Coaching and Building a Team - October 28-29, 2021


Training Plan Resource Recommendations

MCADSV acts on its belief in the value of education. We are committed to providing quality training content and materials for member organizations and advocates to support quality services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. MCADSV’s service standards require advocates and volunteers with domestic violence programs or with rape crisis centers to receive 40 hours of training, and 48 hours of training for those with programs providing both domestic and sexual violence services. 

Those who are planning trainings and developing curricula can supplement their educational content with MCADSV videos, webcasts, or online trainings. 


MCADSV Training Pass

The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence provides trainings that are an invaluable resource for individuals working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. There are two Training Passes available: The One-Time Training Registration or The Annual Training Pass. The One-time Training Registration is useful if an individual is only interested in attending one training. The Annual Training Pass offers the opportunity to attend a calendar year’s worth of comprehensive training services and provides a way for community partners to take an active part in the movement to end rape and abuse.

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