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MCADSV educates service providers how to provide quality, trauma-informed domestic violence and sexual assault services.

MCADSV provides domestic and sexual violence education in Missouri through statewide, regional, online and on-site training. Our staff is nationally recognized for its expertise in domestic and sexual violence issues.

Service providers, community organizations, and state agencies rely on MCADSV’s understanding of domestic and sexual violence issues. Evaluations and surveys continue to affirm that MCADSV trainings increase the skill level and preparedness of advocates providing services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

MCADSV acknowledges the different values and perceptions that exist in our state.  MCADSV provides service providers with a variety of educational opportunities and information to improve and expand domestic and violence services that best reflect the experiences of the diverse populations across the state.  This includes a toll-free helpline for Missouri service providers.

MCADSV annually distributes over 20,000 publications and training tools to our member organizations, service providers, community partners, and supporters.


2018 MCADSV Trainings

MCADSV Trainings are open to employees, volunteers and board members of MCADSV member programs, MCADSV individual members, VOCA grantees, and non-members. Training is free as a benefit of membership of MCADSV. Members may register online at www.mocadsv.org. All others, please register by phone at (573) 634-4161. The training fee for non-members is $45 per training day ($90 for two-day trainings). Annual training passes are also available.

MCADSV Annual Training Pass

MCADSV Training Pass form

The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence provides trainings that are an invaluable resource for individuals working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The Annual Training Pass offers the opportunity to attend a calendar year’s worth of comprehensive training services and provides a way for community partners to take an active part in the movement to end rape and abuse.

2018 MCADSV Statewide Trainings

2018 MCADSV Regional Meeting Dates

2018 Directors’ Academy

MCADSV has been offering Directors’ Academy since 2011. This course is presented in four two-day sessions and is open to directors and managers who have been in their positions for three years or less. Each session allows for in-depth examination of the course content, promotes thoughtful discussion of strategies to effectively handle challenging situations, and serves as a platform to forge a community of leaders.

2018 Directors' Academy Topics

For more information, call MCADSV at (573) 634-4161.


2018 Basics of Advocacy Series

The Basics of Advocacy Series is a five-part series designed for individuals to build skills to assist survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Although the series is made for new advocates who are learning the role, experienced advocates will enjoy the opportunity to review and refresh.

You will walk away from each component with new strategies, more enhanced knowledge and stronger connections with other advocates from around the state. Each two-day training includes in-depth discussions, hands-on activities and time to process information with your peers.

2018 The Basics of Advocacy Series