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MCADSV serves as a public resource for information on domestic and sexual violence, as well as a link to service providers in the state.

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MCADSV member programs offer many services beyond what is listed in this directory. Please contact the individual program for more information. Additional services may include: support groups, counseling, hospital/medical advocacy, assistance in court and with law enforcement, immigration advocacy, as well as additional resources and support.

In the provision of services, MCADSV member programs must not discriminate based on ethnicity, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or partner status, age, disability including substance abuse, economic or educational status, religion, HIV/AIDS or other physical health status, mental health status, immigration status or residency, including county, state or country of origin.

You can search for providers throughout the state by selecting specific criteria such as Program Type, Location, specific Services and Member Program Name.


How an Order of Protection can help you

Chapter 455 of the Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo) offers legal protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, harassment and stalking. There are no court costs for this and you do not need to hire an attorney.  (Full definition of the law is in Section 455.010 RSMo.) A parent or guardian can also apply for an Order of Protection on behalf of a child younger than 17.

Once issued, an Order of Protection is valid throughout Missouri and in every other state. It should be enforced by law enforcement officers in every state. This also means that if you have an Order of Protection from another state, it is valid in Missouri.

In the legal process, a person who seeks an Order of Protection is called a “Petitioner” and the person whom an order is sought against is called the “Respondent.”
After you, as a victim of abuse, complete the written request for a protection order, a judge may issue an Order of Protection to order the Respondent to stop abusing, sexually assaulting, harassing or stalking you and require the Respondent to stay away from your home or workplace.

MCADSV offers several publications and resources to help you understand and obtain Orders of Protection.

How to complete a Petition For Order Of Protection formFor many survivors, becoming a victim of a violent crime is their first introduction to the legal system. It can be complicated and confusing. This document walks you through completing a Petition for Order of Protection form, step-by-step.




How You Can Get a Sexual Assault Order of ProtectionAs a sexual assault survivor you are eligible for an Order of Protection even if you did not know or have a relationship with the perpetrator before the assault. For the purposes of getting an Order of Protection, any sexual act that occurred by force or without your consent is considered sexual assault. Examples include when someone makes you have sex when you don’t want to, hurts you during sex, makes you do sexual acts you don’t want to do, has sex with you when you are not awake, or rapes you. 




Domestic Violence and the Law: A Practical Guide for SurvivorsThis guide is for victims of domestic violence. It is a collaborative effort by Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV) and the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the Missouri Bar. This booklet includes practical information for domestic violence survivors about participating in Missouri’s legal system. Topics include: Orders of Protection, law enforcement response to domestic violence, Missouri Legal Service Offices, safety planning, and domestic and sexual assault offenses.