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MCADSV successfully helps pass and improve laws and policies to prevent domestic and sexual violence in Missouri, as well as secures statewide funding for programs.

Domestic and sexual violence are preventable public health concerns.

MCADSV incorporates prevention strategies in all of our core services: education, alliance, research and public policy. MCADSV emphasizes primary prevention, working to stop the perpetration of violence before it ever occurs.

The public health approach is one that focuses on the community, not just on an individual. A community-oriented approach takes the burden off those who are at risk or have experienced violence, and empowers the entire community—men, women, and youth—to prevent domestic and sexual violence.

The foundation of primary prevention is social change. Primary prevention furthers social change by targeting the behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge of communities that might unintentionally, and sometimes intentionally, blame victims. The focus of primary prevention is on potential perpetrators’ actions instead of focusing on the victim’s behavior. Reducing one’s risk for victimization is called risk reduction. Risk reduction does not hold perpetrators and abusers accountable, and does not change the cultural and social norms that allow and condone violence.