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SQSHBook Developer Contractor

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Our team at SQSH understands the importance of word-of-mouth referrals within marginalized communities. That’s why, since founding, we’ve been working hard to create the SQSHBook. The SQSHBook is a queer-centered, community-owned database of 1,200+ resources throughout the St. Louis region and beyond, compiled from various local resource lists and vetting efforts by SQSH’s Community Partners. Our staff, volunteers, partners, and community members use the SQSHBook to find resources for housing, food, healthcare, socio-emotional support, and more.

Our SQSHBook Resource Guide focuses on democratizing information and testimonials on community resources by creating an accessible platform for queer community members to search for and provide input on the resource landscape. By developing more grassroots community accountability functionalities into our SQSHBook resource guide, we aim to reduce the barriers faced by the most isolated queer and trans people to access life-saving resource information while also holding service providers accountable to our community.

Our long-term goals are to….

  • Create queer-centered narratives around local resources
  • Increase pressure to serve queer St. Louisans effectively
  • Strengthen our community’s connection to vetted resources
  • Improve LGBTQIA+ access to health and well-being
  • Transform systems that have rendered queer experiences invisible

SQSH’s SQSHBook Developer works to help actualize SQSH’s mission of building our community’s capacity for resource connections, grassroots referrals, and advocacy, and increasing resource systems’ accountability and responsiveness to queer St. Louisans’ needs and values. This community- and internal-facing position is responsible for implementing the development features needed to implement SQSH’s SQSHBook Resource Guide program. They ensure that SQSHBook’s web application and user features are robust, impactful, and aligned with our collective liberation values.

This is an internal-facing role that requires a passion for building user-friendly web applications, reimagining resource directories, bringing SQSHBook’s vision to life, and using their development skills to improve the SQSHBook.

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