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Community Power-Builder

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SQSH’s Community Power-Builder works to actualize SQSH’s mission of building community power towards queer liberation through relationship-building, outreach, organizing, space-holding, and mutual aid. They will collaborate with SQSH’s partners to host community events, lead storytelling and healing spaces, attend and speak at local events, and build community relationships and partnerships. They will focus on reaching Black queer/trans St. Louisans by facilitating mutual aid, creating affinity spaces, recruiting volunteers, supporting existing Black queer community initiatives, and piloting SQSH’s first Community Advisory Board with majority seats reserved for Black trans St. Louisans. They will also serve as the Community point of contact for SQSH’s Systems Change Fellowship, which includes supporting community engagement, fellowship recruitment and retention, cohort formation, and relationship-building with historically marginalized queer St. Louis community leaders and organizers.

This is a highly community-facing role that requires a passion for building relationships, ability to facilitate personal and collective healing, familiarity with the St. Louis community organizing landscape, passion for strengthening mutual aid networks, dedication to Black queer/trans liberation, and a knack for creating safe spaces where others feel comfortable opening up. A successful candidate understands how to facilitate difficult conversations, manage varied relationships, lead collaboration efforts while de-centering oneself, identify connections between different parts of St. Louis queer communities, and facilitate transformative justice approaches to intra-community conflict.

An ideal candidate is well-equipped to convene diverse community leaders and organizers, with experience building trusting relationships among queer St. Louisans and taking a queer-focused, pro-Black approach to community-building work. They have experience facilitating collaborative events, building community engagement, aligning diverse stakeholders on common objectives and community norms, transparently discussing harm within our community, and facilitating collective agreement on action steps. They are good at engaging community members over a long period of time, and building consensus and buy-in towards common goals. They are good at deep listening and appreciative inquiry, including curiosity to ask questions, build understanding, and show appreciation for what is shared.

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