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Business Development Representative

Job Description

The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit focused on partnering with bars and other alcohol-serving venues to create a workplace culture focused on increasing safety and giving everyone a safe night out.

Position Overview:
Reporting to the Executive Director, the Business Development Representative (BDR) cultivates and maintains relationships with future and current SAFE Bar Network members. This crucial position identifies alcohol-serving venues to join the SAFE Bar Network, conducts and tracks all communication with these alcohol-serving venues, and completes the alcohol-serving venues’ membership in the SAFE Bar Network. The BDR maintains relationships with current alcohol-serving venues that are members of the SAFE Bar Network, conducts and tracks communication with these members, and completes their membership renewal. The BDR assists the Executive Director with member services, sales, marketing, and other programming as needed.

Position Responsibilities:
-Attract, train, and retain alcohol-serving venues utilizing the SAFE Bar Network’s proven process.
-Lead membership engagement through ongoing contact and relationship building with alcohol-serving venues that are current and potential members of the SAFE Bar Network.
-Serve as the primary point of contact for alcohol-serving venues that are current and potential members of the SAFE Bar Network.
-Facilitate training with alcohol-serving venues that are members of the SAFE Bar Network.
-Enter all data from communication with alcohol-serving venues in the CRM.
-Assist with preparing correspondence to member alcohol-serving venues.
-Assist in identifying improvement opportunities and solutions, including the identification of new opportunities for engaging alcohol-serving venues in our programming.
-Assist with the maintenance of the CRM.
-Assist the Executive Director as needed with membership engagement opportunities.
-Assist with the management of events/promotional series.
-Assist in coordinating the logistics for delivering benefits to member alcohol-serving venues

-Must have experience in sales, program management, business development, or similar roles.
-Demonstrated success in meeting sales, program development, or business development goals/quotas.
-Experience working in or alongside the hospitality or alcohol beverage industry.
-Experience successfully working with people with varied identities, personalities, life experiences, and needs.
-Travel and evening/weekend hours required.

Desired: Knowledge of the hospitality industry, specifically college bars, nightclubs, bars, breweries, and restaurants. A passion for partnering with alcohol-serving venues and helping them to increase safety.

Salary Range: $59,000 – $90,000

Additional Benefits: Health insurance, retirement contribution match after one-year, remote position, flexible hours.

Questions? Contact us at info@safebarnetwork

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