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The Supreme Court of Missouri Provides New Guidance for Courts

On July 24, 2020 the Supreme Court of Missouri modified its earlier COVID-19 Court Operational Directives. These Directives will go into effect on August 1, 2020.

The modifications to the previous Operational Directives are as follows: 

  • The presiding judge or the chief judge has to make efforts to communicate to other judges and attorneys in their circuit the precautions that are being taken in response to COVID-19 and any related developments.
  • If any court employee, bailiff, or other court personnel currently working in a court facility tests positive for COVID-19, the presiding or chief judge shall move that court facility to Operating Phase One or Zero (see directives for explanations of all the phases).
  • Face masks are now required in all operating phases, except if a person is alone in a private office.
  • The presiding judge or chief judge may modify the terms of the operating phase their court is in to make them more strict than the Supreme Court Directives but not less strict.
  • A designated operating phase includes any activity being conducted in a court facility.

The Missouri Courts website has an interactive map that allows users to identify which phase their court is currently operating.


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