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MCADSV Joins Statewide Medicaid Expansion Campaign

As July began, MCADSV launched its social media messages in support of the August 4 ballot measure to pass Medicaid expansion in Missouri (Amendment 2). In keeping with decades of the Coalition’s work to address poverty and other inequities, we are amplifying the #MakesSenseMO campaign with numerous allied organizations. These Medicaid expansion proponents include the Missouri Foundation for Health, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, and hundreds of organizations, faith groups and associations represented by the advocacy umbrella group Missourians for Healthcare.

Rape and abuse are public health problems that affect thousands of Missourians. Intimate partner and sexual violence contributes to life-threatening injuries, chronic physical and mental health issues, and high-risk health behaviors. Additionally, we know that Black and Latinx Missourians are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, on top of already facing structural health inequalities. We represent the voices of Missouri’s survivors, and the advocates who serve them. We ensure their stories are heard, and that government responds appropriately to one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time—domestic and sexual violence against women, men and children. As we work to create safer, healthier communities, expanding Medicaid in Missouri just makes sense.

In our work to end rape, abuse and racial inequalities, we must address the underlying conditions that perpetuate violence and oppression.

In addition to the Medicaid expansion campaign, MCADSV continues its civic engagement messaging, sharing information on how survivors, advocates and allies can safely register and vote: #VoteSafe, #CivicHealthIsPublicHealth, @mcadsv. 

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