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February Legislative Update

MCADSV members advocate at the Missouri Capitol on priority legislation.

MCADSV member agencies met with legislators every week in February as part of Missouri Capitol Advocacy Days. Discussions focused on MCADSV priority legislation and the impact of Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding.

Members of the Missouri General Assembly held numerous committee hearings on several of MCADSV’s priority bills during February. These measures included a range of legislation:

  • Senate bill to enhance the state’s systems for sexual assault forensic evidence collection and storage
  • House bill to eliminate the statute of limitations for filing civil suits for damages from childhood sexual abuse
  • House bill to waive birth certificate costs for domestic violence victims and homeless youth
  • Senate bill to establish a sexual assault victims’ bill of rights
  • House bill to increase the annual amount available to be awarded as tax credits for donations to domestic violence shelters 
  • Senate bill to establish 50/50 custody in child custody cases that passed a committee with exceptions sought by MCADSV to protect parents who are victims of domestic violence

Also during a February committee hearing, some lawmakers themselves echoed MCADSV’s position of opposition to a House bill that would disallow public assistance recipients from accessing cash from their benefit cards.

Other MCADSV-supported bills that await committee hearings include Senate and House bills that would include custody of pets in Orders of Protection and a Senate bill to establish a statewide telehealth network for sexual assault forensic examinations.

Read about these accomplishments and remaining legislative challenges in the February edition of the MCADSV Legislative Update. The 12th episode of MCADSV's MOmenum Webcast Series is available on our YouTube channel and focuses on our public policy work and priorities for 2020.

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