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Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Poster Available Through Department of Public Safety

The passage of House Bill 1246 in the 2018 legislative session charged the Missouri Department of Public Safety (DPS) to create posters displaying the national human trafficking website and hotline. The timeline for the posters was to have them created by January 1, 2019 and on display by March 1, 2019. DPS has a grant to print copies of the posters, and posters are available by pick-up and mail delivery. Anyone can print a copy of the poster directly from the DPS website. Posters present information and resources in both English and Spanish.

Under House Bill 1245, DPS human trafficking hotline posters shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in or near the bathrooms or near the entrance of each of the following establishments:

(1) Hotels, motels, or other establishments that have been cited as a public nuisance for prostitution under section 567.080;
(2) Strip clubs or other sexually oriented businesses;  
(3) Private clubs that have a liquor permit for on-premises consumption, do not hold themselves out to be food service establishments, and are not affiliated with any nonprofit fraternal, athletic, religious, or veteran organizations;
(4) Airports;
(5) Train stations that serve passengers;
(6) Emergency rooms within general acute care hospitals;
(7) Urgent care centers;
(8) Privately operated job recruitment centers;  
(9) Businesses or establishments that offer massage or body work services for compensation by individuals who are not licensed under section 324.265;
(10) Women's health centers;
(11) Abortion facilities as defined in section 188.015;
(12) Family planning clinics;
(13) Maternity homes as defined in section 135.600;
(14) Pregnancy resource centers as defined in section 135.630;
(15) Bus stations;
(16) Truck stops. For the purposes of this section, "truck stops" shall mean privately owned and operated facilities that provide food, fuel, shower or other sanitary facilities, and lawful overnight parking; and
(17) Roadside rest areas.

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