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MCADSV Opposes Bills to Change Title IX on Missouri Campuses

Lawmakers need to hear from you. Look up your Missouri state Senator and Representative; share your personal experience and concerns with them.

Title IX is a big part of how universities protect students and keep victims in college. House Bill 573 and its companion, Senate Bill 259, propose to implement “due process” proceedings for complaints made under Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments—but only for cases involving allegations of sexual assault. In reality, the focus on due process is cover for the belief that women lie about rape. Rape victims are still waiting for their due process of being believed.

It is estimated that 6,000 students on Missouri college campuses experience sexual assault each year, yet sexual assault often goes unreported. Experiencing sexual assault in college directly impacts a victim’s ability to feel safe and protected on campus. Victims struggle to maintain their GPA and participate in extracurricular and professional development opportunities, which means they do not have full and equal access to higher education. Because of this, nearly one-third of sexual assault victims experience academic problems.

The original intent of Title IX is to address and prevent sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding. While Title IX is a short statute, Supreme Court decisions have given it a broad scope covering sexual harassment and sexual violence. Under Title IX, schools are legally required to respond and remedy hostile educational environments and failure to do so is a violation that means a school could risk losing its federal funding. HB 573 and SB 259 are in direct conflict with these federal requirements.

HB 573 and SB 259 take away Missouri college and universities’ abilities to comprehensively prevent and respond to sexual assault.

Lawmakers need to hear from you: Don’t support legislation that shames victims and calls them liars.

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