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MCADSV Offices Reopen After Jefferson City Tornado

The MCADSV offices are open with normal staffing and hours. All previously scheduled events will still occur.

The MCADSV building was unaffected by the tornado that struck Jefferson City on 5/22/19. Our offices are located just down the street, and in-between, the areas shown on news coverage of the damage. We are fortunate in that our building sits low in a valley of that street. The tornado narrowly missed the area of our building.

Our team didn’t experience loss or damage, but we have some who were sheltering in areas that were just missed (by blocks) or were just fortunate when the second tornado hit Eldon, Missouri (about 20-30 minutes from the Capitol). We’re grateful for cell phones and text. Those of us in Eldon and Jefferson City were texting as soon as it moved through so we knew quickly that everyone was safe. 

All MCADSV staff extend their thanks for the kind words of encouragement and solidarity. We extend those words of encouragement and solidarity to everyone affected by these storms as they regroup and rebuild.
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