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Attorney General Releases SAFE Kits Initiative Inventory Report

Attorney General Schmitt announced at press conferences, in both Columbia and Kansas City, the results of a statewide inventory of all untested sexual assault kits as part of the SAFE Kits Initiative within the Office of the Attorney General. As a result of the inventory, which was an extensive review of untested sexual assault kits stored by hospitals, law enforcement, and ancillary organizations, 6,987 untested sexual assault kits were found.

The release of the inventory results reinforces what we knew to be true—our state let down survivors of sexual violence. Moving forward, what we also know to be true is that collaboration is key. The approximately 1,700 unreported kits reinforces the need for a statewide standardization for what to do with them. Missouri has no centralized storage location and time frame for how long to keep kits. As a state, we need to have a clear process for victims know how long they have to change their mind and report their case to law enforcement before their kit gets destroyed.

The recommendations from the Attorney General’s report provide necessary next steps for ensuring survivors have options for accessing justice, and that our state has policies and procedures in place for a comprehensive, consistent response to sexual violence. Our continued collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office can help make these recommendations a reality.
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