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MCADSV Joins Others in the Call to Support Families Seeking Asylum

MCADSV this week joined hundreds of other anti-violence, human rights and faith-based organizations asking for Congressional and federal administrative action for families seeking asylum at our borders and to reverse the U.S Attorney General’s decision to deny asylum to victims of domestic violence. MCADSV, in furtherance of our mission to end violence and abuse, signed on to two letters that specifically call for federal officials’ leadership and action.

The first letter asks for federal lawmakers to pass bipartisan, compromise legislation that prohibits the separating of families seeking entry or asylum at our borders and protects the ability of those fleeing violence to gain asylum—including victims of sexual and domestic violence.

The second letter asks U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to revoke his decision of June 11 that denied consideration of domestic violence as a qualifying cause for granting asylum, a decision that reversed long-standing provisions of federal policy that recognized gender-based violence as a form of persecution.


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