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DeafLEAD Expands Language Access With New Videophone Crisis Line

DeafLEAD, formerly The Leadership through Education and Advocacy for the Deaf (L.E.A.D.) Institute, is now offering a 24/7/365 crisis videophone hotline for the Deaf community through funding provided by the Victims of Crime Act grant.

This crisis line focuses on meeting the needs of Deaf individuals who are victims of crime including: domestic and sexual violence of adults or children, bullying (cyber, physical, or verbal), teen dating violence, burglary or robbery, child abuse or neglect, elder abuse, drunk driving or other vehicular victimization, human trafficking, any hate crime, identity theft or other financial crime, any form of mass violence, terrorism whether domestic or international, and a violation of a court order. Crisis line advocates fluent in sign language are trained to provide immediate emotional support, recognizing that trauma can have an ongoing impact on an individual’s life, regardless of when the event occurred. By providing the crisis line services in sign language directly through the videophone, Deaf individuals receive unprecedented access to immediate assistance and resources that are both culturally and linguistically accessible utilizing a trauma-informed approach.

An informational video about the new Deaf Videophone Crisis Line can be found here.

Deaf Crisis Line: 321-800-DEAF (3323)


About DeafLEAD:

DeafLEAD, formerly The L.E.A.D. Institute, provides advocacy, crisis intervention services, case management, counseling, free interpreting and other direct victim services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafblind, and Late-Deafened victims of crime, survivors and their families. DeafLEAD is a non-profit corporation in the state of Missouri, and is the only organization in the nation to provide statewide direct services to Deaf individuals. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive, unified and continuous support to the Deaf community by enhancing and promoting socio-emotional development, effective communication and leadership. More information about DeafLEAD and the services it offers are available at www.deaflead.com.

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