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MCADSV releases redesigned annual report on 2016 services provided in Missouri
Good answers come from asking the right questions. The composite data contained in the redesigned 2016 MCADSV Member Programs’ Domestic and Sexual Violence Statistics annual report informs the right questions to ask about how we all might advance the movement to prevent and address rape and abuse in Missouri. Click here for a summary, Statistics at a Glance.
The data in the annual Statistics publication is drawn from monthly services reports submitted to MCADSV by member programs providing domestic and sexual violence services throughout Missouri. The publication, known among MCADSV members as “the Stat Sheet,” also details the statewide results from the 2016 one-day national census of domestic violence services, Domestic Violence Counts, and the results from a week-long 2016 census of sexual violence services provided in Missouri, MCADSV’s Sexual Violence Counts.
MCADSV’s Statistics report provides organizations, communities and policy makers with statewide and regional data they can use to identify service needs and trends, and to use that information to make continuous improvements in locally based services and resources for survivors. Organizations also use the report to document the accomplishments of the life-saving services they provided during the calendar year 2016.
The 2016 Statistics report is used in a variety of ways:

• Needs assessment and planning: The details in the 2016 Statistics report help domestic and sexual violence programs ask the right questions as they undertake needs assessments to plan for enhancing services to survivors in their communities. What services are most in demand? Who is receiving services? Who isn’t able to gain access to services? What does it mean that 24% of the children residing in domestic violence shelters are younger than 2 years old?

Community education and advocacy: Organizations use the Stat Sheet to educate their communities on the impact of domestic and sexual violence. They also have used the data to enhance community-wide responses through domestic violence Coordinated Community Response and Sexual Assault Response Team meetings, to gain a full understanding of the extent of domestic and sexual violence in Missouri communities.

Public policy and legislative advocacy: The annual Statistics report is used in non-partisan public policy advocacy with local, state and federal elected officials, governmental bodies and systems. Policy makers rely on the report to identify the scope and impact of services provided to Missourians through public funding of domestic and sexual violence programs, and to document the ongoing need for legislation and resources to meet the needs of victims throughout the state.
MCADSV is the centralized domestic and sexual violence data collection point for Missouri. We compile information from our member programs that is current, evidence-based and data driven to help identify needs for action to end rape and abuse in our state.
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