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MCADSV publication "The Latest in Data" updated and re-released

The MCADSV publication The Latest in Data, updated and re-released this September, contains Missouri and national data on domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and human trafficking, including statistics on services, demographics and prevalence reports, and other information. These  statistics and research findings come from national and state governmental agencies, national coalitions and resource centers, MCADSV, or peer-reviewed research published by reputable sources.

One thing to remember when reading this report is that each number and finding represents people whose lives have been affected by violence. We are privileged to be able to tell the collective story of survivors of violence in our communities, our state and our country through the representative data collected here. However, there are always survivors whose stories are missed. We ask you take time when reading this report to honor the lives and experiences of all victims and survivors of violence.

This report includes multiple sources to represent the fact that experiences of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, stalking and trafficking are difficult to define. It is through statistics and research that we strive to accurately represent the continuum of violence survivors can experience.

MCADSV mailed hard copies of The Latest in Data to member programs. You can also find this publication along with other MCADSV publications on the Resources page on our website.

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