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MCADSV launches website with expanded content and resources

MCADSV staff have modernized and redesigned our website in order to keep member programs and collaborative partners informed of our work to end rape and abuse. This is a recognition that we live in a digital world, and the majority of the public look online for reliable, trusted sources for education and connection.

New features on the website include:

The Latest Headlines and relevant news in the movement to end rape and abuse. Located on our Home page, this feature allows users to instantly access current stories about our movement, as well as having the opportunity to look back at archived articles.

The Public Policy page on highlights our legislative history, new Missouri law and grassroots advocacy projects like the Missouri Capitol Advocacy Days.

The newly designed website highlights our Prevention work and innovative strategies to reduce Campus sexual assault. The campus section of the website connects to MCADSV’s Intern Resource Network Portal which provides students, educators, and employers with the tools and resources to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

The new website’s Resources page provides a snapshot of MCADSV’s nationally recognized publications. These resources further MCADSV’s efforts to raise awareness and enhance knowledge to end domestic violence and sexual assault. MCADSV furthers these efforts by promoting language access through multi-language materials, immigrant and refugee resources, and human trafficking information on the website.

The Training page connects users to all the training services that MCADSV provides to empower individuals with the tools and resources to change lives. MCADSV provides education and training to a broad range of audiences. We create substantial opportunities for individuals to meaningfully contribute to preventing and addressing domestic and sexual violence in Missouri.

The Get Involved page allows individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to join the movement to end rape and abuse in our state. We provide a positive connection to the issue that makes people feel like they’re part of something substantial—they don’t have to confront, manage or struggle with violence alone.

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