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Governor’s Committee on Taxes Praises Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit Program

The Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit program supplies shelters with critical funding to continue operations. These dollars are an integral part of many MCADSV member programs’ budgets. There was a certain degree of trepidation, then, when newly-elected Gov. Eric Greitens established the Committee on Simple, Fair and Low taxes, with a specific eye towards reining in Missouri’s tax credit programs.

The Committee held a series of town halls across the state to gauge public opinion. MCADSV and member programs provided public comment to the governor’s Committee regarding the benefits of the Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit program. Some member programs even testified in person at meetings held throughout Missouri.

The advocacy was a success. In early July, the Committee released its findings. While it does call for an overhaul of the state’s multiple tax credit programs, Benevolent Tax Credits were touted as a broad success, with a relatively small investment for a large return in services. In its official report, the Committee held up the Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit as a prime example:

“The Domestic Violence [Shelter] Tax Credit’s $2 million allocation is spread evenly throughout the state, with some eligible centers receiving less than $50,000. This modest allocation is made, despite the fact that these Benevolent Tax Credit programs have all the hallmarks of a successful tax credit program…The Committee recommends that the General Assembly consider expanding several of the Benevolent Tax Credit programs…”

The report provides domestic violence services providers a degree of reassurance. Tax credit reform seems inevitable, although it’s worth noting numerous previous efforts have fallen short. This year appears to be different, however. The report reaffirms what many lawmakers already believe:  While reform of the entire program is necessary for fiscal stability, benevolent programs should be spared any cuts.

MCADSV will continue to keep you updated on any new developments. The governor has hinted at calling a special session in the fall to address taxes and tax credits. We will track any legislation that affects members and, as always, advocate on the part of service providers and the survivors they save.

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