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Campus Summit Encourages Coalition-Building, Advancing Prevention as Social Change

As part of the statewide efforts to prevent gender-based violence on college and university campuses, on November 2-3, Partners in Prevention hosted the “Missouri Summit on Campus Sexual Violence Prevention” in collaboration with MCADSV and the Department of Health and Senior Services. This two-day Summit brought together multidisciplinary teams from colleges/universities and advocates from MCADSV member programs to begin developing community-wide prevention strategies, while also addressing the role alcohol plays in sexual assault.

During the Summit, participants engaged in conversation about campus policies, including how Title IX can effect various student populations differently. Participants examined MCADSV member service statistics alongside campus-specific data to examine diverse student populations to answer essential questions: Who has access to services? Who is represented in outreach and prevention efforts? Who is not?

The Campus Summit follows MCADSV’s outreach to member programs, and our allied partners in education, regarding changes to Title IX enforcement through the U.S. Department of Education, Office on Civil Rights. With this feedback, MCADSV provided public comment to the federal department, emphasizing the importance of maintaining of a “preponderance of evidence” standard, reinforcing that K-12 and college students now expect protections under Title IX, and affirming that a reversal of current federal guidance policies will create inconsistency and confusion.

Critically important to sexual violence prevention work is partnering with various stakeholders, both on-campus and local community services. Partnerships between campuses and MCADSV member programs benefit students by providing consistent prevention messages on and off campus, while creating strong support services for survivors. MCADSV will continue to follow additional guidance from the Department of Education and work alongside our allies in Missouri to promote local coalition-building.

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