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We change laws. We change lives.

MCADSV successfully advocates to pass laws and improve policies to address rape and abuse in Missouri. We secure statewide funding for programs that help victims of rape and abuse.


For more than 35 years, MCADSV has worked with lawmakers at the federal and state level to develop public policies necessary to protect the health and safety of victims of domestic and sexual violence. Our public policy work has been—and will always be—focused on the needs of survivors and supporting the service providers that assist them.

MCADSV’s dedicated public policy team is a fixture at the state Capitol, where we advocate for funding, enhanced protections for survivors and increased accountability for perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence. During four decades, MCADSV has taken the lead in pushing for lasting change, including: making marital rape a crime; establishing Orders of Protection; legal protections for survivors; enhanced confidentiality for domestic and sexual violence survivors; and ensuing the state pays for sexual assault forensic exams, not the victim. Practically every law that affects sexual assault survivors has been crafted with the assistance of MCADSV and its members.

We represent the voices of Missouri’s survivors. We ensure their stories are heard, and that government responds appropriately to one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time—domestic and sexual violence against women, men and children.

Whether it’s through testifying at public hearings or one-on-one meetings with lawmakers, we’ve established a track record of legislative successes. This advocacy work has made MCADSV the go-to organization on any public policy issue related to domestic violence or sexual assault.

MCADSV will continue to advocate for the needs of survivors and the more than 120 member programs that serve and assist them. We change laws. We change lives.