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MCADSV in the news for our work to end sexual harassment against interns

At the Missouri Capitol, new policies regarding the supervision of interns with an emphasize on respect and preventing sexual harassment. Interns are usually young people who are new to a professional environment. They are working hard to prove themselves and can be placed in a vulnerable position. Missouri lawmakers are working to limit that imbalance of power within the halls of the Capitol. MCADSV supports these efforts and is also working to limit the imbalance of power in all Missouri workplaces that work with interns.

With a private donation Sen. Claire McCaskill gave to MCADSV, we were tasked to create a planning committee where we partnered with Partners in Prevention and university and college campuses to develop the Intern Resource Project.

In the News:

Click here to watch our own Matthew Huffman talking to Fox2’s Betsey Bruce about the work we’ve been doing.