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Safety Assessment & Rick Reduction Tools Offered for Mobile Devices

Danger assessment tools are instrumental in helping to determine the level of lethality a woman has of being fatally attacked by her (current for former) intimate partner. These tools can offer a safe and confidential way for a victim to determine the level of danger they might be in by assessing severity and frequency of abusive incidents. Innovative resources have made these tools available in the form of smartphone and tablet apps.

One Love Foundation offers a free danger assessment tool that can be taken online, or downloaded for iPhone or Android mobile operating systems. The tool asks a series of questions that helps determine lethality, while at the same time informing participants that it is only an assessment—lethality can change rapidly and unpredictably. The tool provides resources for friends, family and professionals, too.  The mobile app will disable itself after initial use for confidentiality and safety, but can be downloaded again.  

Circle of 6, a winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, is a mobile app that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android operating systems. Circle of 6 is not a lethality assessment, but can prevent a lethal situation from ever occurring. It connects users threatened with possible sexual assault and abuse to a network of trusted friends using GPS technology, and can directly connect the user with anti-violence hotlines.