Quick Exit

Legislative End of Session

The 2012 legislative session of the Missouri General Assembly ended on Friday, May 18. All bills passed by the General Assembly now will be reviewed by Governor Jay Nixon. He will consider which he will veto and which to sign into law. Bills signed by the Governor will go into effect on August 28, except for budget bills that go into effect on July 1, 2012, when the state Fiscal Year 2013 begins.

To see copies of all bills introduced during the 2012 legislative session go to www.moga.mo.gov. Click on “Joint Bill Tracking” to view bills by number. Summaries of bills are also available. To look up any state legislator, click on “Legislator Lookup.”

The highlights from this session include:
  • State and federal funding was maintained at current levels for all victim services grants and programs in the Fiscal Year 2013 annual state budget that was passed on May 10. The state fiscal year begins on July 1, 2012;
  • A bill passed that contained a provision to stay custody rights, pending criminal trial or guilty plea, of those charged with rape when a child was born as a result of that offense (Senate Bill 628);
  • Limitations on access to emergency contraception and employer-provided health plan coverage for contraception were passed on the last day of the session (Senate Bill 749):
  • The domestic violence technical corrections bills failed to pass (Senate Bill 871, House Bill 1515, House Bill 1822);
  • A House omnibus bill passed with several provisions to improve child abuse investigation procedures (House Bill 1323); and
  • Elder/disabled abuse laws were strengthened (Senate Bill 689).

More details on these bills were emailed to Coalition Members on Friday, May 25 from Colleen Coble, MCADSV Chief Executive Officer.