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“Track This Case” feature now available for Case.net

Advocates, survivors and their supporters can now have an easier time keeping tabs on cases. In a feature that is being pilot-tested, Case.net allows users to “Track This Case.”

If you sign up to follow a case, you’ll receive an email notice (it usually gets sent out in the early morning, according to a press release) when changes are made to a case’s proceedings. Click on the blue footprints at the bottom of a case’s page to sign up. All that is required is a valid email address. Directions for how to track a case can be found here.

This feature won’t apply to all cases, though. Cases that are classified as confidential or that are handled through the Fine Collection Center can’t be tracked with this method.

It’s important to know that this feature is only being tested and could disappear after December of this year. But, currently, more than 15,000 users are tracking 20,000 cases, according to a press release.

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